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Cyano complex chemicals
Potassium ferricyanide
Potassium ferrocyanide
Sodium ferrocyanide
Sulfite chemicals
Potassium Metabisulfite
Sodium metabisulfite
45%potassium sulfite
Potassium thiosulfate
50%Potassium thiosulfate
Pharmaceutical intermediates
Ammonium oxalate
Chromium(Ⅲ) oxide


As a fine chemical raw materials and chemical reagent professional manufacturers, we have all kinds of testing methods to ensure that we always give the customers with perfect products.
For the fine chemical products, we in addition to conventional point quantity test method, which also have liquid chromatography, gas chromatography, atomic absorption spectrometer and testing instruments, they are able to product of organic impurities, qualitative analysis of the organic impurity content, measurement products chromaticity and inorganic ion impurity content, so our fine chemicals and chemical reagent finally can well meet the requirements of the customers use.
We can offer more information of our products to our customers for giving them helps to their transportation, storage, inspection, production and logistic track, etc. You just need to send an email to us; we will be able to provide you with MSDS, Quality Standards, inspection reports and up-to-date technological information of main products.

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